Shop at JJ’s Baseball Cards, Toys, and Antiques in Red Lion

jjs-baseball-cardsFor a stroll into local baseball heaven, visit JJ’s Baseball, Cards, Toys, and Antiques located right in Red Lion near Windsor Commons. The antique shop is home not only to baseball cards, but all sorts of memorabilia including football, hockey, and basketball autographed merchandise.

In addition to sports memorabilia, JJ’s Baseball Cards, Toys, and Antiques carries a variety of antiques and toys, including classic collectors items, such as Star Wars action figures. At JJ’s you will find something for the whole family.  Best of all, if you own antiques or memorabilia you may even make a buck or two. JJ’s purchases early toys, comic books, statues, and pre-war items.

A visit to JJ’s Baseball, Cards, Toys and Antiques makes the perfect Saturday afternoon outing anytime between 12-4pm. You can also stop by JJ’s weekday afternoons from 1pm-6pm. Share your experience at JJ’s Baseball Cards, Toys, and Antiques and discover other places to go in Red Lion by connecting with nearby residents on Facebook.

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