Fun at the Majestic Midways Spring Carnival in York

ferris wheel

Enjoy the rides at the Midway Majestic Spring Carnival in York.

Spring has arrived and warmer temperatures are on their way! No more snow and unbearable temperatures for this town! Warmer temperatures also coincide with outdoor activities. That includes sports like baseball returning, taking walks at the park, or even heading out to a local carnival to enjoy the fun and rides! Come April, you will be able to do that in York! ┬áThe Majestic Midways Spring Carnival will be at the York Expo Center Infield from April 7 – 10!

There is nothing like a carnival in the spring. The smell of fresh popcorn and hot dogs. Carrying around that giant cotton candy. Trying to win that big stuffed bear for that special someone. There is something for everyone to love at a carnival! And the best part? The amazing and exciting rides! Enjoy a roller coaster or the ferris wheel at Midways Spring Carnival!

For more information, visit the York Expo Center’s website.

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