Grab a Drink at Reliance Cafe


If you've had a long day, Reliance Cafe is one of the best places to grab a drink. Located in York, the goal of Reliance Cafe's owners is to ensure that they provide excellent refreshment to their customers. Reliance offers a comfortable environment where you can meet with a friend and enjoy the best beer in York. The quality of the drinks offered is … [Read more...]

3 Cardio Workouts to Help You Stay in Shape this Fall Seaon


Our Red Lion apartments with a fitness center make it easy to stay in great shape no matter what the weather. Check out three fun cardio workouts ideal for the fall season: 35-Minute Speed Cycling Workout: Designed by a New York City triathlon coach, this cycling workout includes a 15-minute warm-up period and builds endurance in addition to burning … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment with Gourds this Fall


Nothing creates a fall vibe like decorating your Red Lion apartment with gourds and pumpkins. Carving a face into a pumpkin can be fun, but decorating with gourds can been taken to a whole new level. Here some tips on how to decorate with gourds for fall: Pile of Gourds: Create a towering display of small pumpkins and gourds by piling them on … [Read more...]

Elegant Ways to Decorate for Fall

Source: Southern Living

Taking down your bright and cheerful summer decor may make you feel a bit sad that the season has come to an end, but decorating for fall can be just as fun. Here are a few ideas to lend your apartment some autumn spirit: Pile up the pumpkins. A pile of pumpkins, perhaps one large one and a pile of mini pumpkins surrounding it, can make a great … [Read more...]

Contact York Pet Sitting to Care for Your Furry Friend


Is work keeping you from getting home to walk your dog? Are your vacation plans on hold because you have no one to feed your cat while you're away? Regardless of your situation, you should consider the benefits of professional pet sitting in York. York Pet Sitting provides professional pet sitting in York county. Consider this pet sitting services for … [Read more...]